At their meetings in January the following items were discussed by Templeton Community Council.

The largest topic was the hall and the various post renovation decisions and arrangements that needed to be put in place. The council were delighted that it was already proving popular, with usage including classes and private bookings already exceeding the numbers before the building work and a lot of interest being expressed in the classes that were available. The current classes running included Pilates and Aerobics and a dog training class, and starting in February would be Tai Chi. The clerk was working to get other classes available - if anyone is interested in finding out more, they should contact her on [email protected] . Once the range of classes was established, a leaflet drop in the area would be considered to let everyone know what was available.

Other hall matters discussed included arrangements for licensing the premises, including for the provision of alcohol, ensuring the hiring agreement was fit for purpose, agreeing concessionary rates for YFC, and housekeeping matters such as health and safety checks, signage, the storeroom and furniture, and various snagging issues. A wish-list of items to get to enhance the hall was discussed - all of the grants received as well as money put aside by the council for this renovation, so any hall income now was needed for the maintenance and upkeep of the hall, with surplus providing items from the wish-list.

The council was aware that the old door had sentimental value to many in the village, so it saddened them that it could not be re-used as such for health and safety reasons. They were reviewing whether it was possible somehow to find a suitable location for it within the hall – it had been more damaged by the years of use than anticipated.

Other matters discussed in January included the Play Park. The council were aware that some of the timbers needed replacing, and a suitable supplier was being sought for this. The clerk was following up on the post box that had been removed from near the Boar’s Head in the summer, and had been assured by the Royal Mail that they would install a replacement box as close to the original location as possible - no timescales were provided.

The clerk had also started the setting up of a Community Speed Watch Group for Cold Blow and Templeton, in response to the various complaints about speeding in the area. This would be run by trained volunteers, so anyone in the community interested in participating should get in touch with the clerk to find out more.

The council was pleased to hear that the plans for a footpath to extend from Knights Court down past the bus stop were progressing. This would make it far safer for all pedestrians. Concerns were raised, however, about the roadworks currently in Cold Blow - these would be checked and any issues raised with PCC.

The Council heard information about Pembrokeshire’s Local Development Plan for the county up to 2033, which included the need for 6,800 new houses in the county to be built.

Finally, there was one item of planning received - notification of refusal for 19/0732/PA - proposed change of use from holiday unit to residential dwelling. Upper Chapel Hill Farm, Templeton.