For many years the East Williamston Community and Hall Association has been looking for good ways to let locals and visitors know what’s going on in the Community area.

It’s a large area, reaching from Moreton to Kingsmoor Close and taking in Pentlepoir, Broadmoor, Cold Inn and East Williamston, with no natural ‘hub’.

Thanks to support from the Pembrokeshire County Council ‘Enhancing Pembrokeshire Grant’ scheme the Association has been able to purchase and install six new notice boards to reach everyone in the various communities.

“The issues of Covid-19 have demonstrated more clearly than ever the need to get information ‘out there’ and to share a sense of community,” said East Williamston Community and Hall Association trustee Kathy Talbot.

“As well as carrying the necessary offical and formal notices there will be opportunity and room to include information about services, events and classes happening in the area.”

The board outside the Community Hall in East Williamston will be dedicated to the memory of Graham Doney, who passed away in January 2018, with friends and family donating a considerable sum towards the board.

“Graham, who lived with his wife and children in East Williamston village, served on the Community and Hall Association for many years, playing an active part in a variety of projects and events,” continued Kathy.

“A dedicated teacher, he was loved by his pupils for his great commitment and thoughtfulness, qualities which were also apparent in his voluntary work for the area.

“Who can ever forget the wonderful ‘Caribbean Evening’ he masterminded in the hall?

“It is hoped that the board in his honour will advertise many more such enjoyable events,” she added.