Riding with one of Wales’ most famous cyclists: On September 3, Nicole Cooke came down to take part in Rotary ride in aid of fighting cancer. Despite the awful weather conditions, the Narberth Dynamos took part in the ride - some 50 miles over the Preselis

Congratulations also to Mandy Lewis and Sam Chalmers on the Ironman Wales.



Last weekend, the Narberth Dynamos went on tour to North Wales to ride the Cambrian Coast Sportives, with a choice of 31, 62, 90 and 101 mile tour. Results were as follows:

101 miles - Nick Brown 06:37:54 (gold award); Andrew Rees 06:38:04 (gold); Michael Field 07:02:16 (silver); Leighton Phillips 07:02:27 (silver); Jane Rees 07:38;54 (bronze); Charlie Palmer 07:38:58 (bronze); Thomas Fisher 07:46:05 (bronze); Pete Jones 07:46:16 (bronze); Simon Thomas 07:53:26 (bronze); Anthony Rees 07:54:43 (bronze); Geraint Hughes 07:54:45 (bronze); Mark James 08:29:48 (bronze).

Ninety miles - Alex Holland 07:11:18 (bronze).

Sixty-two miles - Julie Barritt 03:24:50 (gold); Gwenllian Hughes 04:13:14 (bronze).

Thirty-one miles - Janice Rees 02:04:22 (silver).


A social cycling club that rides from Bloomfield Centre in Narberth. Rides - full details on the website (http://www.narberthdynamos.co.uk).

During summer, every Tuesday and Thursday night at 6 pm, between 20 and 30 miles. Sweeper on a Tuesday - senior member rides at back to make sure everyone ok. During winter, indoor turbo cycling at Bloomfield on Tuesday nights.

Sunday at 9 am, 40-60 miles, usually with cake stop.

Rides are usually at a medium pace (13-17 mph), but always regularly regather everyone.