The South Pembrokeshire Short Mat Bowls Association 2018 doubles competition was played at Heatherton with a line-up of 21 pairs from nine league clubs.

A round robin series was played in four groups of four and one group of five, with each match played over seven ends to qualify for the final eight (quarter-finals) knockout section.

Quarter-finals (seven ends - skip named first): Gordon and Jacqueline Pearce (Llanteg) 8 June and John Smith (St. Johns) 4; Graham Harries and Jeff Bearne (Hundleton) 6 Mick and Fran Butler (Lamphey) 7; Wayne Marshall and Peggy Prout (Lamphey) 6 Sally and Allen Watts (Llanteg) 11; Norman and Samantha Hogg (St Johns) 5 Mark Fowden and Libby Terry (Skrinkle) 6.

Semi-finals (seven ends): G. and J. Pearce 6 M. and F. Butler 8; S. and A. Watts 7 M. Fowden and L. Terry 1.

Final (nine ends): M. and F. Butler 6 S. and A. Watts 9.

Fixture secretary Steve Cox provided another well organised day of bowling and special thanks to Diane Phillips for her work behind the scenes and to the participants and staff from Heatherton for their help putting out the mats and putting them away.