With the weather hitting the right note - more music at Tenby’s Bandstand is being encouraged.

The Town Council’s community engagement officer Anne Draper has shared her hope that now the weather has improved, how lovely it would be to see the possibility of entertainment taking place at the seaside town’s Bandstand, located on Castle Hill

“It would be lovely if there could be some music in the Bandstand this summer!” she said.

“Although it is covered by the byelaws of Tenby Harbour Estate, which means it cannot be used for busking, or for anything which may cause a disturbance, it is all right to play music there for your own and any bystander’s enjoyment,” explained Anne.

“There is a risk assessment and a booking sheet at Tenby Town Council office in the De Valence on Upper Frog Street.

“The booking form is just so that you do not get up there and find someone has already set up, but if the weather isn’t great, or the wind is in the wrong direction, there is no need to cancel,” she added.