Renewable Power Pembrokeshire (RPP), a not-for-profit community benefit society, have closed their community share offer for their wind turbine in East Williamston, after a successful campaign to attract investors and generate interest in the project.

The 900kW wind turbine was constructed in 2020 in East Williamston, and is generating energy. It is producing clean renewable electricity and income from the Feed in Tariff.

RPP Director Roxanne Treacy said: “We are so pleased to have attracted so much interest in the turbine and successfully sold shares.

“The main reason for people wanting to be involved with this project has been to help address climate change. Investors who have bought shares are part of a practical response to the climate emergency.

“Buying a share in the turbine also means they are supporting this community led renewable energy project and will also benefit from a green financial investment.

“The Turbine will also help the local community with a community fund being generated to benefit local schools and projects.”

Any surplus funds generated by the turbine will be used to establish a community fund.

The amount will depend on how the turbine performs, but the society will consult with members and with the local community to determine how this should be spent, with the overall intention to benefit communities in the South-East of Pembrokeshire.

RPP have gifted £3000 for community benefit as a goodwill gesture during the first year of operation between the following: St Florence Primary School; Sageston Primary School; Jeffreyston Primary School; East Williamston Community; Manor Park Wildlife Park.

The turbine site at Prouts Park Farm, East Williamston, was identified through a screening process funded by PLANED in 2009.

The landowner agreed a concessionary rate of rent for a community turbine, and since then considerable technical work has been undertaken by Seren Energy Limited, partly funded by Seren and partly by the Welsh Government’s Ynni’r Fro, Ynni Lleol and Welsh Government Energy Service Programmes.

Assistance with the community share offer was provided by Sharenergy.