Local skateboarding enthusiasts have been invited to a meeting in Tenby to give their input into possible plans to extend the town’s skateboard park.

The town council revealed last year that several youngsters who used the facility alongside the Jubilee Play Area, overlooking South Beach, had enquired over the possibility of it being extended, as they felt it wasn’t big enough.

Speaking at Tuesday night’s meeting of the town council, the Deputy Mayor, Clr. Mrs. Christine Brown, told her colleagues that she and the town clerk, Andrew Davies, had been working really hard to see what they could do about extending the park, and invited the youngsters and parents to a meeting to be held at the De Valence on Monday, April 9, at 6 pm, to discuss the matter further.

“Anyone interested in joining the ‘skateboard park committee’ should come along. I think we’re getting there slowly, but we can’t do it on our own,” she said.