One member of the community made two appearances on stage at the De Valence on Friday evening: Dave from local charity PATCH.

During the Tenby Observer Kindness in the Community Awards, held at the De Valence on Friday, November 17, PATCH charity’s Dave Goulding collected the Community Hero Award from Avril Morgan and Michelle Bradfield from Celtic Holidays on behalf of Rebecca and Ian Rees, who run The Old Chapel in Tenby.

Ian and Rebecca were nominated for “creating a wonderful space for all.”

Rebecca prepares boxes for PATCH and is always kind to people in the Community Café. The work she does in the Community is amazing, fund raising for many charities, delivering food and visits the sick and lonely individuals.  She is a Star.

Rebecca and Ian have created an amazing place at the Old Chapel, a much loved facility in Tenby. Some very grateful people visit the Old Chapel, described as the most welcoming Community Café in Pembrokeshire, helping everyone, including homeless people to ethnic minorities.  “You can feel the warmth of the staff as soon as you walk through the door. You always feel welcome and relaxed when you leave.”

Rebecca and Ian are both always ready to give a “listening ear” and quiet support. The kindness Rebecca gives to community is outstanding, going above and beyond to help others; help out in the community. “Nothing is too much trouble for her. She is an amazing lady.”

They also help set up the Community Fridge and provide a comfortable and caring community hub for people in need.  

Through the Old Chapel, Rebecca and Ian provide a welcoming and warm place for homeless and lonely people to enjoy tea/coffee and cake (which they make themselves) for just donations.  People can chat and help themselves from the Community Fridge. 

“These people and the Patch volunteers go above and beyond for people, baking cakes, making soup and endless cups of tea and making people with no money cosy and warm.”

As well as collecting the award on behalf of Mr and Mrs Rees, Dave was able to talk about the charity PATCH and the work they do.

Pembrokeshire Action to Combat Hardship is a charitable organisation aiming to relieve the effects of poverty for individuals and families within the county.

PATCH gives free food parcels, clothing and household items to those in a financial crisis in Pembrokeshire. The charity works closely with our referral agencies to help those that are experiencing hardship through perhaps a delay in benefits, fire, theft and escaping emergency situations.

PATCH set up a Basics Bank to provide for each individual’s needs when in an emergency situation. The charity works only on a referral basis, with those in need referred from outside agencies such as Health Workers, Support Agencies, CAB and Social Services.  People find themselves in financial crises for many reasons, including losing employment, waiting for benefits, homelessness, fire or marriage breakdown.

PATCH also holds an annual Christmas Toy Appeal where four to five new gifts are given to each 0-17-year-old child referred.

Explaining the rationale behind the Kindness in the Community Awards, Regional Editor Mick O’Reilly said:

“Here at the Tenby Observer, we believe that there are many of you out there in our community that are unaware you’re a hero. To your family and friends. Your community. Your organisation. Your church or your charity.

“And we think it’s time all the unsung heroes received a little recognition for the work you do. We think that the people who volunteer countless hours working behind the scenes for a charity or cause, a community or church, received some kudos.

“We can’t make you rich. But hopefully, we can at least make you a little famous — in a modest way — and say ‘thank you’ for all you do.”

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