Local MP Simon Hart has carried out a survey into a dangerous section of road that travels through Cresselly.

He was contacted by a local resident who lives on the side of the A4075 that stretches between Whitehill and the Pembrokeshire village.

Despite having a staggered junction crossing the main road, a primary school and an awkward bend there is no speed limit through the village - so cars can legally travel at 60mph.

There have been two fatalities at the junction in the past decade as well as other serious road accidents on the stretch of road.

“I was told that residents find it terrifying to pull out of their driveways onto the road as the traffic is legally allowed to travel so fast,” said Mr. Hart.

“I have contacted the local community councils and county councillors to explain that I am investigating the possibility of introducing a speed limit and I wrote to everyone who lives in the area to ask their opinion about speed restrictions,” he explained.

“The overwhelming response that I had was that local residents would support the introduction of a speed limit. Both Castle Prep School and Jeffreyston Community Council are supportive of the idea and many of the residents who responded had experiences of near misses or family and friends who had been involved in accidents along the stretch of road,” added Mr. Hart.

Pembrokeshire County Council is now carrying out an assessment of the area and it is hoped that they will also commission a speed survey next year.