Pembrokeshire councillors will be discussing “issues of capability and conduct” of a statutory officer again this week – with the meeting likely to be held in private.

The minutes of December’s investigatory and disciplinary sub-committee, chaired by Clr. David Lloyd, indicate that chief executive Will Bramble presented a report relating to “issues and capability and conduct of a statutory officer.”

The committee was asked to refer the matter for preliminary investigation and confirmed the appointment of Steven Bolton as preliminary independent investigator.

It is noted that the sub-committee considered whether there was a need for the unnamed statutory officer to be suspended for the period of the preliminary investigation but Clr. Rob Summons moved that that was not necessary, seconded by Clr. Tony Wilcox, and unanimously approved.

The sub-committee is due to meet again on Thursday, January 27 with the preliminary investigation report – statutory officer disciplinary procedure a restricted item.

Councillors Jamie Adams, Jon Harvey, Jonathan Preston and David Pugh are also members of the committee.

The committee will vote to exclude the public from the meeting or not on the day.