FARMERS have staged a protest on a busy west Wales road to show their dissatisfaction with Welsh Government policy plans.

A multitude of tractors headed along the A48 in Carmarthenshire on Friday, grinding traffic along the dual carriageway to a snail's pace.

This comes a week after around 3,000 farmers congregated in Carmarthen to voice opposition to a number of Welsh Government policies.

Speaking at last week's event, Cefin Campbell, Plaid Cymru MS for Mid & West Wales, said: “Enough is enough was the resounding message amidst the 3,000 heavy crowd in Carmarthen.

"The frustration our farmers and rural communities feel towards the Welsh Government and Westminster on many issues was all too clear.

"I will do my best to make sure their voice is heard in Cardiff Bay, and I would urge the Welsh Government to accept the unanimous call made by those present for a meeting, where these concerns can be discussed further".

The Welsh Government is currently conducting a consultation on the final proposals of the Sustainable Farming Scheme, which among other things, proposes that 10 per cent of farm land be covered in trees to enable farmers to receive funding.

The SFS will replace the Common Agricultural Policy legacy schemes, including the Basic Payment Scheme from 2025.

Speaking on the scheme, Montgomeryshire MS Russell George said: "Despite the ongoing consultation, the Welsh Government has already initiated economic analysis and modelling for the scheme's potential impacts.

"The projections indicate a considerable reduction in Welsh livestock units by 122,200, equivalent to a 10.8% decrease in overall livestock numbers. Additionally, there is a forecasted 11% reduction in labour on Welsh farms, translating to approximately 5,500 jobs lost based on current employment levels.

"Another growing area of concern in recent years has been the increasing pressure on farming business from government regulation. The farming industry have been looking after our countryside for centuries, but the burden of further unnecessary regulation, and again a one size fits all approach, is why I and Welsh Conservatives, voted against The Water Resources (Control of Agricultural Pollution) (Wales) Regulations (NVZs).

"The rallying cry is clear: no farmers, no food. The agricultural sector is intricately woven into the fabric of Welsh culture, language, and economy. Now is the time to rally and protect Welsh agriculture, preserving not only our farmers' livelihoods but also the essence of our countryside.

"As the industry looks to tackle these challenges head on, it is evident that farming needs a friend more than ever before."

The Welsh Government says working in partnership with the farming sector is key and no final decision will be made until the consultation is finished on 7 March.