About 35 members of Tenby Friendship Club listened to a very informative talk. Tomorrow, they unwrap chocolate!

On Wednesday, September 20, Mrs Vicky Tomlinson talked about the history of Caldey Island, starting when it was formed by the upheaval of the plates of the earth right up until present day.

Strange to think that there was no sea around it once! And Caldey has had so many owners; some who did good, and some who didn’t.

Vicky was given a great round of applause at the end, and then had to speak to more members during the refreshment time, the interest was so great. 

Tomorrow, Wednesday 27, Chocolatier Mr Neen is to give a slideshow on the history of chocolate making. Be in Augustus Place Hall before 2pm.

Next week, October 4, questions will be answered and lots of things explained by knowledgeable PAVS Community Officer Jo Brookman-Lloyd.