Tenby Friendship Club members and friends enjoyed a marvellous day out on Wednesday in Cardiff.

Visiting the city’s Christmas Markets, the Bay, and Ikea, the friends ended the day walking around the Christmas Lights at Bute Park.

The sheep, the Cwtch, Ice drops, stormy trees, the lights were terrific, and Wonderland by the castle had a wonderful holiday feeling, with its skating ring.

Rain fell all the way home but none in Cardiff! The Taf Valley coach driver was “just great” all day long.

On Wednesday, December 13, Members are meeting at Augustus Place Hall for the final meeting of the year. Billy Coles is playing his guitar for dancing and singing. The collection of Christmas presents for PATCH will be given to Mrs Rebecca Rees, .

The next meeting after that will be on Wednesday, January 10, 2024 at 2pm at Augustus Place Hall when members will receive the spring programme of events up until Easter.