Bluetits Chill Swimmers founder Sian Richardson will delight audiences as she discusses her passion for sea water swimming in a post-show event in Milford Haven.

The trend in sea swimming has grown in popularity with more men and women ditching wetsuits to get closer to nature.

Kill Thy Neighbour, a new comedy thriller at the Torch Theatre, has been inspired by the seaside village of Cwm yr Eglwys near Dinas; one of its main characters, Max, loves swimming in the sea.

Sian’s breasts were blue following a chill swim; her husband Alan suggested she called her group the Bluetits. With headquarters in Sian’s hometown of St Davids, Bluetits Chill Swimmers now has over 120,000 members worldwide.

Sian, 59, welcomes all to her swims. “It’s euphoric and you come out of the water laughing. It’s only a two minute swim but you feel really good and happy after, just as though you’d returned from a 20-mile run.”

“We often swear, sing and shout aloud, but it doesn’t matter, it’s all natural, and when you leave the water, the world is a brighter place.”

The mother of five has just returned from Estonia and the World Ice Swimming Championships. But sport and swimming haven’t always played a huge part in Sian’s life. She took up running in her late 30s to combat depression. She even competed in IRONMAN in Tenby but her hips weren’t working and she couldn’t complete it.

“When I’m in the water, my hips don’t hurt. It’s not a cure by any means but it’s a momentary relief and I’m without pain for hours after. It’s for all age groups to enjoy and you’ll feel amazing.”

Sian was head girl of the St David’s Cathedral Choir 1980-82 and an active member of the Torch Youth Theatre as a teenager. She’s looking forward to returning to the stage once again after some 30 years.

To see the world premiere of Kill Thy Neighbour, followed by Sian’s talk, on Friday, April 26, visit or call 01646 695267. Recommended age 14+.