Did you know that the Pembrokeshire village of Redberth has its own community choir? United by a love of singing, the choristers range in age from 10 to 96 and welcome new members.

Under the expert musical guidance of musical director and composer James Williams, Redberth Village Choir’s regular practice sessions have brought a new vigour to the community as neighbours and those from surrounding communities come together to tackle a variety of musical numbers.

On Friday, April 5, the choir staged its second ever concert to an appreciative audience from the surrounding area. The intergenerational community choir performed to a busy St Mary’s Church, Redberth. 

A spokesperson for the choir said: “It was a treat to see friends and neighbours gathered in our only village meeting place to support the Easter Concert. 

“Community choir members range in age from 10 to 96 but they are united by a determination to sing! New members are welcome to come along, the next practice is on Monday, May 13 from 7pm – 9pm in St. Mary’s Church, Redberth.

“We look forward to welcoming you!”