Pembroke Castle has announced plans for the up-coming Coronation of King Charles III. 

The Coronation of the King and Queen Consort will take place on Saturday, May 6 and the weekend will be extended to include a new bank holiday on Monday, May 8.

To mark the occasion, the castle will be staging a three-day celebration so that visitors can enjoy every minute of this very special occasion in a memorable and historic setting. Throughout the three days there will be a large outdoor screen in the Outer Ward which will be broadcasting all of the live action from London and Windsor. Castle visitors are welcome to picnic on the lawn, and take in every minute of the coronation that will be full of tradition and pageantry.

Castle Manager, Jon Williams, commented:“Over the past 12 years, we’ve had some great fun and some wonderful gatherings to celebrate Royal weddings, and two Jubilees. We are hoping that the King’s Coronation will provide us with another reason to welcome thousands of visitors to the castle, enjoy the setting and take in a historic occasion, that to a lot of people is a once in a lifetime event”.

The schedule for the weekend is:

Saturday, May 6

The Coronation Ceremony itself will take place at Westminster Abbey, as has been the tradition since 1066. The big screen will be showing every minute of the coverage including the Kings Procession from Buckingham Palace to Westminster, the ceremony itself conducted by the Archbishop of Canterbury, the Coronation Procession from Westminster Abbey to Buckingham Palace and the gathering of the Royal Family on the balcony of Buckingham Palace.

In addition to this, family entertainment will be provided by Fiery Jack, including a circus workshop, a medieval games emporium and Fiery Jack’s circus skills walkabout. There will be fairground stalls and a ‘Royalty’ themed children’s trail to follow around the castle grounds.

Fiery Jack
Fiery Jack (Pic supplied)

Sunday, May 7

The screen will broadcast the Coronation Concert live from Windsor Castle. The concert will feature famous artistes from around the world and further details on the timing of the concert will be released soon. Entertainment will once again be provided by Fiery Jack’s circus workshop, medieval games emporium and circus skills walkabout, along with the fairground stalls and the children’s trail.

Fiery Jack Entertainment Circus Skills
Fiery Jack Entertainment Circus Skills ((c) Andy Grady 2019)

Monday, May 8

This is the new Coronation Bank Holiday. The big screen will broadcast any further live action from London and at 2pm visitors will be able to picnic on the lawn and enjoy Disney’s live action version of The Lion King.

Throughout the weekend, Visitors are welcome to bring picnic chairs, blankets and their own picnics. The Castle Kitchen will be offering a wide range of meals, cakes, snacks, iced creams and delicious beverages all weekend.

For more details, visit the Pembroke Castle website .

Evening concert at Pembroke Castle
(Martin Cavaney Photography)