Artists showcasing their work at the Torch Theatre’s Joanna Field Gallery in Milford Haven this month will exhibit artwork created from Life Drawing and Oil Painting classes organised by Learning Pembrokeshire at Dinas and Haverfordwest.

When the artists, now great friends, were invited to exhibit their works, they couldn’t possibly turn down such an opportunity, and during July people visiting the gallery will be in for an artistic treat.

Paul King, one of the exhibitors, said: “The oil paintings are either still-life, portrait or landscape following the three terms of study. We are all amateur artists, and we all live in Pembrokeshire.”

“The general feeling is one of great excitement but we're also nervous and keen to put on a good show. The Joanna Field Gallery is a well-attended and high-quality gallery space which we wouldn't usually have the opportunity to exhibit in.”

“As a group, we’d like to thank the Torch Theatre and Learning Pembrokeshire as well as Mark Deane, our tutor, and each other for group support.”

Artists taking part in the exhibition include Paul, King, Victoria Elliott, James Miall, Sheila Davies, Graham Howard, Kila Millidine, Terry Smith, Maggie Norwell, Anna Hatton, Tina Trowell, Aline Whitaker, Andy St. Pierre, Melissa Pettitt and Philipa Kohly.

The exhibition continues throughout July during Box office opening times.

Tutor Mark Deane said: “I am immensely proud to extend my heartfelt accolades to this exceptional group of learners who have participated in our life drawing and oil painting courses. Over the past year, each has brought their unique background and authentic motivation to our shared artistic journey, enriching our classes with diverse perspectives and experiences.

“The camaraderie and encouragement they have shown one another has created a nurturing environment where creativity and learning can flourish. It has been a privilege and a pleasure to guide them through the curriculum, and their enthusiasm and dedication has been a constant source of inspiration for me. This experience has resulted in astounding achievements.”

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