Young and old, families and friends, there was something of interest for lots of people, whether they were a confirmed gamer or just testing the waters.

It was the first Games Festival in Tenby and it proved a great success with over 150 people attending over the weekend, many staying for several hours.

It had grown from a collaboration of Anne Draper, Tenby Town Council Community Engagement Officer and Liam Boulcott of Pembrokeshire Wargaming Society, with support from the UK Games Expo, the largest Hobby Games Convention in the UK.

Liam organised a variety of stands including The Gamers’ Emporium form Swansea, Games Master Keep, Tenby Hellfire Club, Historical Miniatures, The Diddy Miniature Company, Cult of Paint, and a 3D printing business. He also arranged the first official two day ITC Warhammer 40K tournament to take place in West Wales, and a miniature painting competition.

The Games Festival took place in the De Valence Pavilion, Tenby over the weekend of November 18-19. The UK Games Expo lent the Festival a pallet load of hobby boardgames which meant that there were 200 games for people to play over the weekend, with a good range to suit all ages and interests.

There were over 200 games to choose from at the event.
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Volunteers helped to run the box office and to provide hot drinks, soup and sandwiches to keep the gamers going over the weekend. Donations from this went to PATCH.

It is planned to hold this event next year, with even more activities and exhibitors. Look out for more information!