Wounded & the Art of Healing is a new collection of vibrant paintings and drawings by contemporary artist Louise Burdett.

Set somewhere in between the conscious and the subconscious we are presented with figurative, abstract expressionist and landscape imagery referencing nature, our pre-historic selves, and a visual depiction of the human experience of anxiety. 

The centrepiece of the exhibition, Floating 2023, part of the Being Human series, is a powerful large-scale piece that depicts a figure suspended in water. The ambiguity of the figure's state, floating, sinking or drowning? perhaps serves as a mirror to our own experiences, and could be seen to reflect the varying states in which we choose to react to challenging events and emotions.

Stuck 2022, part of the I’m Sorry series, is another large-scale piece depicting a scene from the Cleddau estuary banks on the Cresswell River at Lawrenny, a regular subject of Louise’s earlier work. Beneath this wildlife haven we find a figure, trapped, hiding or is it even there? It is perhaps akin to The Matrix’s blue pill or red pill moment - an awakening of consciousness to the stark realities of the fragility of our human existence in a deteriorating biosphere. 

Bang 2023 (Louise Burdett)

One of the smallest pieces in the show, Bang 2023, and part of the Embrace the Wound series, depicts an intense circling of line and dot, almost like a field of stars in the night’s sky. There is an intensity of energy emanating from it’s centre, leading the eye to a point of impact. Is it acceptance or a celebration as we look out to a new future, whatever it may bring? 

You can see this interesting and playful journey of energy, light and colour at Tenby Museum & Art Gallery from July 11 to August 20, 2023. 

The gallery is open Tuesday to Sunday 10am to 5pm, last admission 4.30pm.