At the recent annual meeting it was proposed, seconded and agreed that Clr. G Soar be re-appointed as chair for 2019-20, with Clr. Jacob Williams appointed as vice chair.


The following matters were raised: Report to Mel Stephens of PCC that he does not need permission from Western Power to move the telegraph pole at Broadmoor.


The following planning application was considered: 19/0103/PA: Replace and enlarge rear conservatory etc at Bracken, Wooden, Saundersfoot, SA69 9DY. It was agreed to support this application.


Correspondence had been received from PCC’s Environmental Services department about seeking community support for various non-statutory services which may otherwise be withdrawn. These included public toilets, playparks and parks, gardens and public open spaces.

There were different ways of delivery these services and support is available to assist town and community councils in the process. If we do not wish to take responsibility, PCC will place the assets into ‘minimal maintenance’ or declare it surplus to requirements.

It was suggested that the clerk make enquiries regarding taking ownership of the play park land at Broadmoor and Pentlepoir. It was resolved that the clerk make enquiries regarding land at Pentlepoir and Broadmoor.


The Quarterly inspection reports had been received from PCC. There were no high risk matters on Pentlepoir as repairs had been carried out recently.

East Williamston still required underground investigation on the wooden support posts and Broadmoor is in the process of having the swing support replaced due to it being rotten. There were no other urgent matters requiring attention.


Clr. Williams reported that he had been contacted by a resident who lived at the entrance to Hill Rise at Pentlepoir. A car had hit the post holding the speed camera.

Accidents happened quite frequently at this location so he will ask for the rumble strips to be repainted on the road or ask for an anti-slip surface.

Clr. Williams asked if we could purchase a new defibrillator for Hillrise Bus stop and it was agreed to order one from Tony Wall of the Tenby First Responders.

It was resolved that a further defibrillator be purchased for Hill Rise bus stop.


The following matters were raised:

A request was made that the traffic lights at Broadmoor be adjusted to allow more time on the minor road from Broadmoor to East Williamston as there were frequently large queues on the minor road. The clerk will ask SW Trunk Road Agency about this.

b) The pothole at Bushcroft has been filled but tarmac is breaking up outside of the repair forming a new pothole. Please report to PCC.

c) The Ash tree outside Williams Cottage in EW is in danger of falling over. The residents are concerned but do not think it is diseased. As it is a healthy tree its condition will be monitored.

d) Members asked about having some speed monitoring signs but the Clerk advised that they will have to be paid for by this council. PCC have no funds for these.

e) The double yellow lines in Pentlepoir cannot be enforced because no signage has been put up and they are not finished. The clerk will ask Darren Thomas when they will be finished.

f) Councillors have been approached by local resident Richard Fanus about providing him with black bags so that he can litter pick in the vicinity of their home. Clr. Charles Hopkinson offered to purchase bags in bulk and we will reimburse him. It was agreed that a letter of thanks be sent to Richard Fanus and his wife for their efforts in keeping the community litter-free.

g) The EWC&H Assoc has received confirmation of their grant from Enhancing Pembs for the noticeboards and we are asked how we want to co-ordinate the location of the noticeboards with the Association. This will be considered by the next meeting.

h) A Member advised that he had picked up 17 dog waste bags from the park which were hanging in trees. Dog fouling signs were badly needed and more bins. Cllrs Doug McIntosh and Jacob Williams will organise these signs.

The next meeting will be held on Thursday, June 6 at 7 pm.