FOLLOWING a welcome to the members of St Issell’s WI by president Diane Rigden, there was a special welcome to the speaker for the evening, Jack Goodridge, from Popular Pembrokeshire attraction Folly Farm. 

Jack started his talk saying that in 1988 the then owner, Glyn Williams, decided to change from his dairy farm at Begelly to allowing the public to view milking, and started introducing other small animals which the public were allowed to feed. 

Jack had worked at Folly Farm for the past 10 years. He brought pictures showing how it started all those years ago up to the current set-up, with the vintage fairground and the many and varied species, including the black rhinos which he had looked after until he took up his current position dealing with conservation. He was particularly fond of a baby rhino called Glyndwr born four years ago, which has recently been transferred to another zoo. 

Jack explained many of the conservation programmes which Folly Farm were involved in. Mary Cavell thanked Jack for a most interesting talk and especially for the family pictures from 1988 up to the present day.

Following welcome refreshments, Mary Lawrence was thanked for the flowers for the top table, and Janet Standing was the only birthday girl for March. 

Final arrangements for a cake stall on the harbour, and a possible coffee morning still had to be made. 

The plaque for the bay tree in the sensory Garden had been received, and this will be attached to the planter. Ladies hope to meet when this has been done. 

Diane read the newsletter; arrangements were made for members to go to Anything Goes at the torch Theatre, and a coach would be booked with hopefully members from other WIs helping to fill it. Rehearsals are going well, the ladies heard, as are arrangements for the Rosebowl competition. The date for the Spring council was noted, names to be taken next month. Maureen North was this month’s competition winner, and Pam Roberts won the raffle. Diane wished ladies a safe journey home, looking forward to the meeting in April.