The South West Wales Circuit of the Methodist Church came together for an afternoon service to say goodbye to Rev’d Lorette Hinson, who had served as one of the ministers in this area for the last ten years. 

Carew Wesley Chapel in South Pembrokeshire was filled to capacity at the service which took place at the beginning of July. Members and friends from near and far came to thank Lorette for her diligent work throughout this time, for which many in the surrounding communities expressed their gratitude.

Rev’d Geoff Hays, the Superintendent, took the service, while Rev’d Flis Jepson-Randall – a previous Superintendent - was invited to deliver the address. She took as her theme the title, ‘It’s been quite a day’, drawing comparisons to Lorette’s journey with Jesus’ day when he feed the crowds and ended up walking on the lake. Lorette had started as a probation minister, then gained her degree, and had become an experienced and much appreciated minister.

During the service a collection was taken for a charity which Lorette had chosen: ‘Sunflowers Wales’, a non-profit community group organised by Ukrainian volunteers in Wales to support Ukrainians affected by Russia’s invasion. The donated amount of £465 was used to purchase medical supplies for Ukrainian paramedics.

Thanks go to Carol, who played the organ helping the hymns to be sung with gusto, as well as to all who took part in the service; thanks also to those who provided the refreshments, giving the opportunity for an enjoyable close to a memorable occasion.