Minutes of the June monthly meeting of Amroth Community Council held online via Zoom:

Prior to the meeting, Mr. Robert Lake highlighted the number of potholes on Chapel Lane, Llanteg. These have been reported. Mr. Lake was thanked for bringing this to the council’s attention.



• A meeting has been held with beach officer Myrddin Dennis to discuss dog restrictions and access to the beach at the New Inn end of the village. (See later).

• A meeting has been arranged with County Councillor Phil Baker and Owen Roberts of PCC to discuss the possibility of amendments to the 351 bus service to make it more user friendly.

• Clr. Davies has procured a replacement sign for Bertie to explain the Clean Seas project.

• Parking on the Summerhill estate. The clerk is awaiting a reply from PCC on whether land close by can be used for additional parking.

• The Just Giving page is still open for donations.


Councillor’s Report

• The LDP will be delayed until 2022 following new regulations issued by Natural Resources Wales on phosphate levels in rivers. PCC need to consider the impact of these new regulations as they affect the Cleddau and the Teifi. The delay may impact some planning applications.

• Enhancing Pembrokeshire Grant. Clr. Baron is opposing any suggestions to amalgamate money, received from second homeowner rates, into one pot. This would result in communities having to bid against each other for money. Clr. Baron recognises the issues that high numbers of second homes has on communities. The grant was set up to help mitigate these issues.

• Parking issues at Summerhill Estate. PCC have been asked about land close by that could possibly be used to provide extra parking. An acknowledgement has been received with information to follow.

• The Waste Collection Working Group is looking to try to reduce the number of Waste and Recycling Centres in the county.

• Clr. Baron queried a blocked Right of Way. Clr. Harries offered to investigate and report back.


20/0939/PA. Green Plains, Stepaside. Proposal - Erection of a building for welfare purposes. This application has been approved.

19/1340/PA. Heritage Park, Pleasant Valley. Proposal - Variation of conditions 2 (relating to twin unit caravans) and 7 (relating to car park) of planning consent 11/0585/PA. This application has been approved.

20/1052/PA Bwthyn Y Gwanwyn (2 Chapel Lane), U6378, Llanteg Chapel to junction C3045 Llanteg. Proposal - Alterations and extension to garage. This application has been approved

20/0250/PA. Tig Bhan, Llanteg. Proposal - Change of use from residential dwelling to two self-contained holiday rental units. This application has been approved.

The clerk has written to PCNPA for an update on the planning application at Meadow House Caravan Park, but has not yet received a reply.

The clerk has written to PCC regarding building work in Stepaside which appears contrary to approved planning. No reply has been received to date.

20/1103/TF. Rookery, Stepaside. Proposal - Application for tree felling - amended document. ACC have submitted an objection to this application.

20/1134/PA. 1 Kilgetty Lane, Stepaside. SA67 8JL.Proposal; Erection of a new dwelling and replacement garage. Comments by 21st June 2021. Amroth Community Council have no objection to this application.

21/0182/PA. Merrifields, Amroth. Proposal - Demolition of existing house and annex and construction of new dwelling with outbuilding and associated landscaping. Amroth Community Council has no objection to this application.

NP/21/0364/FUL. Heddwch, Wisemans Bridge. Proposal - Replacement conservatory and some internal alterations (part retrospective). Amroth Community Council has no objection to this application, but feels that retrospective applications should be charged at a higher rate.

20/0585/PA. Land adjacent to fern Villa, Llanteg. Proposal - Demolition of outbuildings and construction of new house. Amroth Community Council has no objection to this application.

Correspondence RECEIVED

• Change of land use in Stepaside. A resident has written regarding the change of use of land in Stepaside, adjacent to her property, where no planning application has been submitted. This is in the hands of the PCNPA enforcement officer. The clerk has full details.

• Summerhill Estate. Another email has been received from a resident of Summerhill Estate regarding the poor parking provision on the estate.

• Consultation on future of the National Park. Pembrokeshire Coast National Park Authority has asked for the community council’s opinion on a draft strategy covering the priorities of the authority and vision for the National Park. Information on how to respond can be obtained from the clerk.

• Pembrokeshire County Council have allocated Traffic & Highways Community Works funding to provide an opportunity for city, town and community councils to submit bids for small highway schemes. The maximum cost to this authority for any one scheme is £10,000 and that the overall budget for the county is £100,000 for 2021-22, with bids limited to one per city, town or community council. Bids should be submitted to  [email protected] .

It was agreed that the clerk will submit a bid for funding towards traffic calming measures as discussed with Pembrokeshire Road Safety Partnership in December 2020

• Access to the dog friendly part of Amroth Beach. The clerk has received an email from a resident, highlighting how difficult it is to access this part of the beach at the New Inn end of the village.

Annual Accounts

The accounts were sent to councillors for inspection prior to the meeting. The internal auditor has highlighted that expense claims have not been signed, although they had been agreed at the meeting. He accepted that Covid regulations made this difficult. The accounts were approved.

Delegated decisions: It was proposed that the clerk plus chairman and/ or vice-chairman can agree payments up to £500 in an urgent situation. Councillors voted unanimously to approve this.

discuss and resolve Asset

and ward

maintenance issues

• No Overnight Parking sign – This will be carried out when the seat at the end of the sea wall is removed/relocated.

• Dog restrictions on Amroth Beach and access. A meeting was held with beach officer Myrddin Dennis Myrddin who explained that it was hard and costly to change a byelaw, however it may be possible to amend one. Clr. Harvey stated that the Local Government (Wales) Byelaws Act 2012 part 3.6 provides the basis for revoking or amending byelaws. Specifically, section 3.61. Authorities have powers, implied or otherwise, to amend or revoke byelaws previously made by them under enabling legislation.

It was agreed that access to the dog friendly part of the beach at the New Inn end was difficult for able bodied residents and almost impossible for the less abled. A proposal for an amendment to the byelaw – to allow dogs access to the beach before 10 am and after 6 pm so that the slipways can be used for access - was suggested. The clerk will write to PCC to propose this.

• The Give Way and 30mph sign has not been mended in Amroth at the junction from St. Elidyrs Church. The clerk was to report again

• The stone bridge on Wisemans Bridge beach has been cordoned off for safety reasons as the tide is washing away stones. The bridge is dangerous, and the tide will soon dismantle the safety barrier as it is not secure nor fit for purpose. It was agreed that the clerk write to PCC again on this issue.

• Roadside verges have not been cut causing a danger to walkers when stepping off the road to avoid traffic. The clerk will query this with PCC

• Paint for the bus stop and toilets – No response has been received to an email request sent on May 5, 2021. Clr Baron to investigate.

• National Refill Week - The tap is still not functional outside the toilets in Amroth. The clerk will write again to request this is turned on.

Amroth and District

Community Association

The hall is open and several clubs have resumed. It was agreed that the clerk book a room for the September council meeting


Village Hall

The hall is open and several clubs have resumed. The Book Club is still meeting by Zoom as are the Coffee Mornings held every other Monday. The clerk will book a room for the October Council meeting.

Report by

Summerhill Play Area


• Clr. Harvey reported that they were still not receiving a report or confirmation that inspections are being carried out bimonthly by PCC as agreed in the SLA. A quarterly report has been received; however, it was poorly presented, with actions from 2008 still open and not resolved, according to the report. Issues were not presented in date order, so the last issue identified was listed mid report and easy to miss. Clr. Harvey detailed other issues with the report and stated that it was not well presented and disappointing. It was agreed that ACC draft an inspection report based on best practise templates. PCC will be contacted as to the best way forward once the new equipment is installed. If PCC cannot comply then other providers will be contacted.

• The new play equipment has been delayed. Work to upgrade the play area will start on July 20 for two weeks.

• The new Play Area signs will be installed once the new equipment is installed. Clr. Harvey is obtaining quotes for additional signs required in law, such as a No Smoking sign.

• Clr. Harvey has also signed up to a Play Wales seminar which will look at how play can be encourage in communities.

• The broken rail on the multigym has been mended and other rails replaced. The work has been done to an extremely high standard. Clr. Harries thanked Clr. Martin Morris and his father for carrying out the work.


Wheelchair and access to the beach

A discussion took place following contact from Sarah Beauclerk, the beach wheelchair officer with PCNPA. Safe wheelchair access to the beach is currently impossible at both Amroth and Wisemans Bridge. It was agreed that the clerk contact the PCC access officer for advice

Project ideas and Updates

Amroth free wifi - Installation is likely towards the end of July

Exercise Jantzen - work on the interpretation board is ongoing

Historic road signs project - The signs have been ordered. The sign unit are busy over the summer, so installation is likely for September.

Beach Arts Festival - Clrs. Tippett Maudsley and Davies will contact Tina to discuss her proposal.

Wildflower Project - The application has been successful, and grant money has been received. Clr. Mills will contact the PCNPA ranger to purchase the seed and about equipment needed to progress the project. The clerk will speak to PCC to stop grass cutting on the site. Clr. Mills will co-ordinate with Llanteg Gardening Club when hiring equipment.

Ultrafast broadband infrastructure - Thanks to expressions of interest being submitted, Amroth and Llanteg will be included in phase 5 of the installation. Residents are still encouraged to submit expressions of interest. The community will be contacted regarding service providers.

Matters to

be added for discussion at next meeting

• Beach access for wheelchair users and for less abled dog walkers.

• Repairs to the stone bridge at Wisemans Bridge.

• Cutting of verges in the wards


The next meeting will be held on July 22 at 7pm.This will be via Zoom unless informed otherwise.

Anyone wishing to observe online, please send your email address to [email protected]

If you would like to be kept informed as to information regarding matters affecting the parish, road closures, public consultations, sea defences etc., please email the clerk and you will be put on our secure mailing list (GDPR compliant).