Beverley Thomas has been in the photographic industry for three decades, and during that time she gained a Master’s degree in Photography. She has shared some of her expert tips for couples considering a photographer.

How to Choose your Wedding Photographer

After hundreds of hours spent planning and preparing all the details that go into your wedding, you will want to relive those memories long after the celebrations have ended and what better way to look back on your wedding day is with beautiful photographs? Photographs of you getting ready with your bridal party, Photographs of you saying I-do’s in the presence of family and friends, moments captured when you are not looking as you enjoy the whirlwind of attention, making speeches, cutting your cake that you spent months designing and dancing like there is no tomorrow.

With all the excitement of the biggest day of your life, it is hard to stop and take a few minutes to soak up every little detail. This is why your wedding photographs are important. Your photographs are going to be the lasting memories of your wedding day and choosing your photographer should be one of the most carefully researched things that you do after booking the church and the venue.

Making sure you have an amazing wedding photographer to capture every carefully planned detail and all those intimate moments is an investment and one of the best investments that you will make. 

Beverley Thomas Photography wedding tips
(Beverley Thomas Photography)

Define your photography style

In today’s modern world, its not just as simple as clicking the shutter button. There are many different styles of photography, with certain photographers specialising in each one, I know I cover all styles from Fine Art to Traditional and storytelling Documentary styles. If you are not entirely sure what style resonates with you, check out the abundance of imagery on Pinterest Wedding Boards, you might identify something in common with what you have already saved.

Beverley Thomas Photography wedding example (Phillips)
(Beverley Thomas Photography)

Define your Photography Requirements

Visualising your day from start to finish is something that I am accustomed to. Once you have decided on a style, thoughts turn to a list of photographs and areas that you would like to be covered. Your thoughts should also include putting aside a budget anywhere between £1,000 to £1,500 should cover many different photographer’s packages. 

Beverley Thomas Photography wedding photo
(Beverley Thomas Photography)

Meet in Person

Your wedding photographer is going to be an integral part of your wedding day, so you need to make sure you meet them face to face wherever possible! You will want to feel at ease, relaxed and comfortable with them. If you feel uncomfortable in front of your chosen photographer, this will definitely come across in your photographs. Ask questions upfront so you have clear expectations and understandings.

Beverley Thomas Photography wedding tips - Willington
(Beverley Thomas Photography)

Have Fun

At the end of the day, the best way to find your perfect wedding photographer is by being honest. Personally, I prefer to know what you might be nervous about, and what you like and don’t like. My job is to tell your story through the medium of photography and I want you to enjoy your wedding day and have fun. My end goal after making sure everything is going to plan, is to give you beautiful images to have and to hold forever more. Choosing the right photographer is someone who you can really connect with and remember do your research. 

Beverley Thomas Photography wedding photo - Murray
(Beverley Thomas Photography)

In order to help you more with advice, Beverley has put together a comprehensive list of Ask the Expert Q&As over on her website that will help answer some of those questions that you may not think about. Visit Beverley Thomas’ website to read more.