Members of Valero Pembroke Refinery’s Golf Society presented a cheque to Pembrokeshire Cancer Support Trustee Steve Elliott recently.

It follows a season of fundraising after a return to action following the pause caused by the Pandemic.

The society is made up of Valero staff operations and day-staff, retirees of the refinery and any maintenance staff that work in and around Pembroke refinery with the aim of raising as much as possible for the refinery’s charity of the year.

Pride of place among the many events they hold is the Valero Open which can lay a claim to being the biggest golf event in the local golfing calendar with approximately 132 playing on the day.

The event raised thousands with £1,800 given to Pembrokeshire Cancer support and £475 given to the RNLI and Wales Air Ambulance respectively.

“The amount raised by the society for the refinery’s charity of the year and other causes never ceases to amaze me,” said the society’s chair Mike Bevan.

“You don’t realise how much is being raised when you’re out on the course but when it’s all totalled up and you take stock of what you have achieved, it’s more satisfying than hitting a birdie on a par four.

“As long as the game of golf is here then the society will be here and with numbers expected to increase next year we’re already looking ahead to what 2023 will bring.”