Formal Statements

Both the Pembroke County Cricket Club and Carew Cricket Club have issued formal statements concerning the final lLeague game of the season on Saturday, August 26, when Carew were home to Cresselly.

Carew started the match as Division One leaders with a lead of 21 points over Cresselly in second place.

Carew batted first and declared with the total on 18-1, which in effect gifted the game to Cresselly, who duly won, but only picked up 20 points for the win, as they were denied any bonus points.

The result meant that Carew finished the season as Division One champions and Cresselly were the runners-up.

Nick Evans, the president of the Pembroke County Cricket Club, has issued a formal statement on behalf of the County Club.

He said: “At the Disciplinary Meeting held at Haverfordwest Cricket Club on September 26, Carew Cricket Club was charged with bringing Pembroke County Cricket Club into disrepute.

“The captain, Mr Brian Hall, was charged with breaking the code of conduct and spirit of cricket.

“Both Carew Cricket Club and Brian Hall were found guilty of the offences, and the following penalties were imposed.

“Brian Hall, the captain, was reprimanded and banned from playing cricket from April 22 until August 31, 2018, with the months of July and August suspended until August 31, 2019.

“The Carew Cricket Club was reprimanded and their first team relegated to Division Two, and their second team relegated to Division Three.”

(The relegation of the second and third teams was a consequence of the first team being relegated to Division Two, as no club can have more than one team in any division of the league).

Carew Cricket Club was also fined £300.

Mr. Evans added that both Carew Cricket Club and Mr Brian Hall have the right to appeal.

Carew Cricket Club had a Club meeting on Monday evening, with legal advisers present, and the club secretary Nick Scourfield has issued the following statement on behalf of the club.

It reads “After a meeting held tonight (Monday, October 2) of club members and with our legal advisers present, we have decided not to lodge an appeal against the County Committee’s decision.

“We shall release a full statement in due course.”

Mr. Scourfield confirmed that Mr. Brian Hall has reached the same decision and will not lodge an appeal.