Whitland is planning a series of First World War centenary celebrations. 2014 is the start of a four-year period dedicated to remember the First World War and a global commemoration (2014-2018) is being led by the Imperial War Museum. In light of this, Whitland and its surrounding communities will be organising a series of events throughout the four years. The Whitland and Llanboidy branch of the British Legion, Whitland Town Council and Whitland Memorial Hall have been discussing a few ideas (services of remembrance, exhibition, parade on Armed Forces Day, garden of remembrance), but further ideas and suggestions, as well as help to organise these and other events, is being sought. They would also like to ask anyone who has any memorabilia, mementos, family stories and history from WWI or from the period from 1914 to 1918, if they would be willing to share and lend these for the exhibition. The next WWI Centenary Commemoration meeting is Wednesday, June 4, in the Whitland Town Hall (Mayor's Parlour). For further information, please leave a message on 01994 240127, email [email protected]">[email protected] or use the Whitland Memorial Hall Facebook page.