Folly Farm Zookeeper Kim Cartwright is really excited to have welcomed a breeding pair of sloths at the zoo.

New arrival Nova has settled into his new home really well and seems pretty chilled, enjoying some sweet potato treats and regular naps. He’s already met breeding female sloth Button so the team are keeping their fingers crossed for baby sloths in the future!

Cathy Evans, Sloth Keeper at Hamerton Park Zoo, Nova’s former home, said: “Nova has very much inherited the best of both his parents with mum Vee's good looks and dad Snuffle's easy-going nature. He's been a firm favourite with visitors and keepers whilst he's lived here at the park, especially as he often enjoyed napping on his feed dish at the front of the enclosure right on view! This lovely character will be missed by his keepers but we are delighted to hear he's settling into his new home well and we wish him and Button all the best in their future pairing.”

You can adopt sloths at Folly Farm via their website at: