Last week was the Llanboidy tug of war annual competition, with 12 men's teams, six ladies, four juniors and six YFC.

"It was by far the best competition held in Wales for many years, if not ever," said one of the organisers Dorian Phillips. "With the overnight rain and then glorious sunshine, the ground was in perfect condition for some good pulling."

The first pull started at 1.30 pm, ending at 8.30 pm, seven hours of non-stop pulling!

"With the Welsh Championship at the Carmarthen Truck Show this Sunday, it was just what the teams needed," added Dorian.

Results: Men's 600 winners - Llanboidy, runners-up - Craswel; 640 winners - Llanboidy, runners up - Llanfynydd; 680 winners - Llanboidy, runners-up - Llanfynydd; Catch winners - Llanboidy, runners-up - Cupids Hill; Ladies 520 winners - Penhow, runners-up - Cupids Hill; 560 winners - Hermon, runners-up - Pentre; 580 winners - Penhow, runners-up -Hermon; Youth winners - Craswell, runners-up - Llanwenog; YFC winners - Clynderwen, runners-up - Raglan.