I was amused to receive in my post today, a leaflet from the ‘Abolish the Welsh Assembly Party’. It asked the question ‘What has the devolution experiment achieved for the people of Wales?’

At the very least, it has saved us from the likes of Jeremy Hunt, the richest man in the Westminster cabinet, who is determined to impose a new contract of employment on junior doctors, causing them to walk out, in their thousands in January, in the first strike of doctors in 40 years. 27,741 junior doctors (98 per cent of all) are not being listened to, neither are the 2,500 consultants and GPs who wrote to the Government accusing them of leaving junior doctors ‘with no choice’ but to strike, because of their attempting to introduce seven-day service in the NHS ‘without funding or workforce planning’.

All this is creating an unprecedented period of NHS disruption in hospitals in England, and worse is to come, as junior doctors plan to walk out for 48-hour strikes, and Mr. Hunt introduces his five-year plan to ‘find’ an additional £2.4bn annually for GPs in their crisis, by taking this money out of the existing NHS budget. This will not apply in Wales.

Welsh Assembly also saves us from Nicky Morgan, the English Education Secretary, who is forcing every school in England to become an academy, despite the outcry from thousands of dedicated professionals teaching in ‘outstanding’ and ‘good’ (Ofsted ratings) schools, because there is absolutely no empirical evidence to show that academy schools produce better results than county council or city-run state schools. It is ideology that drives her. This ‘idea’ will not apply in Wales.

One good thing may happen though. We in Cymru Fach might find it easier to recruit all these wonderful, dedicated, highly educated doctors and teachers who want to leave England! Anyone for ‘clear, red water’? Cymru am byth!

M. Neate,

North Cliff,