Matters of the roadway continue to be discussed by members of East Williamston Community Council.

At their meeting earlier this month, it was reported by councillors that the potholes in East Williamston had not been filled, with members once again asking for the issue to be reported once again to Pembrokeshire County Council.

Councillors also stated that speeding vehicles had been noticed several times at Templebar Road mini-roundabout and reported but nothing had been done.

It was suggested that the white lines at the junction need to be moved forward so that vehicles coming from Tenby can see those motorists exiting Templebar Road.

The surface of the road is also breaking up and needs resurfacing, members highlighted.

Councillors heard that a post has been installed at Broadmoor near the bus stop for a roving speed sign to be installed.

The Cold Inn and East Williamston speed signs are being regularly charged and it was agreed to discuss when to move one to Broadmoor at the February meeting.