The Welsh Affairs Committee has today published the UK Government’s response to its report, Wales as a global tourist destination.  

The Committee’s report, published in July, found that Welsh tourism suffers as a result of ineffective marketing. The Committee therefore welcomes the UK Government’s commitment to increase the number of Welsh tourism products available on VisitBritain’s website and in shops.  

However, in its response, the UK Government has failed to fully address a number of the Committee’s recommendations. This includes the Committee’s calls for VisitBritain and Visit Wales to develop a strategy to promote Wales as a first-choice destination, and to encourage tour operators to include Wales in UK holiday packages.   

Rt Hon Stephen Crabb MP,  Welsh Affairs Committee Chair and Member of Parliament for Preseli Pembrokeshire, said:   

“With an outstanding natural landscape, numerous historical landmarks and a distinctive culture – there is no reason why Wales shouldn’t stand out as an asset to UK tourism. We therefore welcome efforts to improve the visibility of Wales and Welsh products on VisitBritain’s website.   

“Making Wales a global tourist destination will not only share Wales’ history and culture with visitors, but it will also boost economic opportunities for Welsh communities. Although some of our Committee’s recommendations have not been fully addressed in this response, we continue to urge the UK Government to recognise Wales’ potential as a unique tourist hotspot.” 

The Committee’s report ‘Wales as a global tourist destination’ can be found on the website.