Residential development for Saundersfoot discussed by councillors

By Paul Evans   |   Content editor   |
Thursday 3rd February 2022 12:45 pm
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A proposed residential development for Saundersfoot has been discussed by councillors of the seaside village.

At January’s meeting of the Community Council, members were advised that the proposals for 25 units of residential accommodation at Penny Farm, Penny Close were at a ‘pre-application’ consultation stage, and it was not a planning application on the table.

Consultants JCR Planning Ltd had been instructed by the applicants EE7 Properties Ltd, to undertake a pre-application consultation in respect of the proposed development as required by the Town & Country Planning (Development Management Procedure - Wales) Order 2016.

The application relates to an area of land at Penny Close, Saundersfoot. It is presently laid to grass and has the character of an extended residential curtilage. Located within the site is a large, detached property (Penny Farm) and one or two closely linked outbuildings.

Access into the site can be achieved either directly from The Fan Road or The Ridgeway via North Close. The intention is to modify these access points in order to achieve the required standard necessary to serve the proposed development.

The application site lies within the urban form of Saundersfoot village and is effectively juxtaposed to existing residential development. The north and west of the site abut open agricultural land, whilst to the south are a number of detached properties fronting The Fan Road. The site’s eastern boundary is formed by the North Close housing estate, a grid-like development.

The proposal comprises the construction of a total of 25 no. residential units, in the form of five no. two storey blocks containing four no. flats each, four no. two storey dwellings and one no. separate flat. Each of the proposed dwellings will be served by at least two parking spaces, in line with local highway authority standards.

It is anticipated that the first phase of the development (12 no. flats) will be served by the North Close access. Access to the remainder of development on the site will be secured from The Fan Road.

Following consideration of the information provided it was brought to the Community Council’s attention that some of the information provided was misleading with the Post Code (SA69 9LA) listed representing an area not within the proposed development site.

Several points were raised by councillors, namely:

• Access to 12 units from North Close and access from Fan Road to 36 units. The Community Council understands the local concerns expressed by adding a further 12 properties access through North Close and would ask that all the properties are accessed from Fan Road.

• The Council would support the consideration of a possible extension of the 30mph zone to achieve visibility splays and improve highway conditions, but further notes that Welsh Government will be introducing 20mph as the default position in 2023.

• The total development numbers 25 properties, the Local Development Plan offers total allocation of 36 properties including 14 affordable properties. The Community Council is to request an indication of where the additional properties could be built within the site, or confirmation that the site is potentially under developed when considering the LDP2

• The Council could not identify which of the 25 properties are allocated for affordable housing and would expect to see the full 14 properties brought forward to assist in the local housing needs.

• The Council welcomed the aesthetics of the houses (individual and terraced), but were surprised with the design of the five blocks of flats. The Council would expect to see something reflecting the design of the houses.

The Council also noted the requirements for - off-site sewers and water mains; and Fan Road access would need to be enhanced.

These details will be reviewed by the Community Council when the Full Application is made to Pembrokeshire Coast National Park Planning Authority and submitted to the Community Council for a consultee response.

The Community Council noted and welcomed the LDP2 Planning obligations, which include - Financial contribution towards provision of a footway/footpath route to Saundersfoot Railway Station; Informal open space to be provided on site; Financial contributions required for local equipped area for play and neighbourhood equipped area.

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