Planning application turned down by Penally councillors

By Paul Evans   |   Content editor   |
Sunday 5th December 2021 4:30 pm
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A planning application proposing the erection of a bed cabin for a holday let accommodation at Penally’s Flemish Heights, was recommended for refusal recently by members of the village’s community council.

When discussing the proposals at their November meeting, councillors noted that the Planning Notice was not displayed until a few days before the Public Consultation period ended and also that the applicant appeared to have covered the notice up with a home produce stall - which they stated had been backed up with photographic evidence, and the lcoal Planning Authority had been advised on the matter,

Following consideration of all the information provided and the number of concerns regarding the application received by members of the public, councillors voted (a majority vote in favour with one abstention) to request that the Planning Authority refuse the application with the following considerations:

• Overdevelopment of the plot – it was noted that the plans submitted were historic and did not depict the plot as it currently is.

• Parking and access issues – This plot is accessed via a privately owned and maintained road – the applicant, within the documentation, advises that they own half of the road outside their property and visitors could park on the road – Objections to this have been raised by a number of neighbours who also own the road. The plot itself only offers spaces for two cars.

• Amenities – There is a tree within the proposed site which is protected by a TPO – although the tree is not to be removed the works are within a very shot proximity of the tree roots.

• This proposed property will be visible and impact on the skyline.

• The proposed materials – Concerns were raised that the proposed materials for the roof would reflect sunlight with reflections imposing on neighbouring properties.

“Penally has had several applications relating to structures being built within gardens. This is considered to be over development and therefore the community council do not encourage back garden development.

“Penally Village already has a significant problem regarding lack of parking for existing properties; Penally Community Council therefore do not support this application,” said a spokesperson for the community council.


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