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A letter from Pembrokeshire Cancer Support

Friday 10th June 2022 6:00 am
[email protected]
Pembrokeshire Cancer Support Centre and Shop in Pembroke Dock
Pembrokeshire Cancer Support Centre and Shop in Pembroke Dock (Pic. supplied )

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Dear Editor, my name is Lyn Neville, and I am the Charity Coordinator for the local Cancer Charity, Pembrokeshire Cancer Support.

We have a Support Centre which is based at 91 Queen Street, Pembroke Dock (above the Charity Shop). I wanted to give details on our Support Centre and to hopefully dispel some worries.

In my time with the Charity, I have made it my job to speak to lots of people about us and what we do. It worried me that many people have not used the Support Centre because they do not want to be with people who are upset, crying and depressed. They also do not want to be seen as unable to cope, to be weak, or to be embarrassed.

Our Support Centre encourages self help with support from our support worker when needed. If you want to talk about your illness and problems, we are happy to do that, and this is always done in private, and is confidential.

Some people do not want to talk about illness and would rather talk about anything else….and that’s fine as well. We want people to feel at ease and use the Support Centre as they want. We have Relaxation Classes, a Card Making and Craft Group, Amethyst Bio Mat Bed and more, or just call in for a cup of tea! We have a Telephone Outreach and Befriending Service to other parts of Pembrokeshire. We have an extensive library of information on all aspects of Cancer from the illness itself to where to turn for help and advice on benefits and how to explain your problems to your loved ones. The Support Centre is open to Cancer Sufferers, Carers, and family. Cancer affects the whole family and hopefully we can help to support you all. We do not give medical advice, but we can help you find the professionals you need to help with health, benefits, financial issues, transport, home adaptations etc.

Cancer is a very difficult illness to get to grips with. Cancer affects all the family and puts a strain on people. I know this because I have had Cancer myself and had a Bone Marrow Transplant. My wife was my carer, so I appreciate how the family is affected under these trying circumstances. At Pembrokeshire Cancer Support we want to help you to get through this cruel illness.

We would be very pleased for you to come along and just have a look around, a cup of tea and a chat. If you have a family member or friend with Cancer, come along and see if you think we could help them. Just call in anytime between 9.30 am and 1 pm, Monday to Friday. Or ring on 01646 683078 (if out of hours please leave a message).

We also have a website which you can look at to get more information, it is at and you can search for us on Facebook.

Or e-mail us at [email protected]

We also have a Charity Shop and are always grateful for donations of Clothing, bric-a-brac and most items except electrical and furniture. Our Charity Shop is our main source of funding, so any items you can donate will be very thankfully received.


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