National Trust Cymru has partnered with Amroth Community Council in Pembrokeshire to create new allotments for the local community.

At Cwmrath Farm near Amroth, a field is being divided up into fifteen plots, giving people access to green spaces for growing vegetables and connecting with nature.

Cwmrath Allotments
(©National Trust)

Cared for by National Trust Cymru, Cwmrath Farm is located on the outskirts of Summerhill village.

The field designated as allotment space, is in the process of being transformed: Plots have been pegged out, a polytunnel put up and local residents are being allocated patches and are excitedly making planting plans.

One of the new allotment holders, local resident Eleri Wyn Morgan said: “My partner and I are very excited to have an allotment and we would like to thank the National Trust and Amroth Community Council for making it happen.

“We look forward to growing our own vegetables, looking after the allotment and getting some exercise and fresh air in the process, whilst also making new friends and building a good community spirit with our fellow allotment holders.”

The allotment initiative emerged following a survey conducted by the Amroth Community Council to find out what local residents would most like to see happen in the area.

Community run land and allotments came out top of the list resulting in the partnership between the Community Council and the National Trust Cymru’s Pembrokeshire team.

Working together they aim to give more people access to land at the farm, further supporting the wellbeing of local communities.

Amroth Community Council are also providing funding for a water butt for each allotment holder as well as a communal area kept for sowing wildflowers that everyone can enjoy.

National Trust Cymru’s General Manager for Pembrokeshire, Rhian Sula added: “We know that immersing yourself in nature and gardening is good for everyone’s health and wellbeing, and as a conservation charity, we’re committed to increasing beneficial access to the outdoors.

“We look forward to watching these gardens flourish and local residents benefitting from socialising in the outdoors.

“The National Trust was established for everyone, for ever, and we’re delighted to be supporting the local council in providing spaces for the local residents of Summerhill for them to enjoy for generations to come.”

At Cwmrath Farm the Trust has also established a broadleaf woodland with plans to add permissive footpaths, further increasing public access to benefit the local community and visitors.

If you live locally and want to enquire further about the allotments at Cwmrath Farm, please contact Amroth Community Council at: [email protected]