Winners of the Narberth RFC Supporters Club Christmas Draw were as follows:

£100: Lawrence; donated by Narberth RFC Supporters Club.

£25 Meat Voucher: Keri Davies; donated by Andrew Rees Butcher.

£20 Petrol Voucher: Margaret Bradley; donated by Cross Roads Garage, Begelly.

£20 Petrol Voucher: Kate Campbell; donated by Dick Parry Filling Station.

£25 Voucher: Jordan , c/o Peter John; ; donated by Jeff Jenkins.

Bottle of Whisky: P. Belt; donated by Bill Ridge.

Chocolates: Dona Pritchard; donated by Nobles of Narberth.

Bottle of Wine: Jamie Bate; donated by Narberth SPAR.

Bottle of Wine: Joan; donated by Jack Williams Costcutter.

£10 Meat Voucher: Lenny the Fishman; donated by J.O. Griffiths Butcher.

Voucher: Dexter Nichols; donated by Wisebuys

Mystery Prize: Stuart Hughes; donated by Heather and John Howells.

Bottle of Wine: Steve Evans - Treharris; donated by Morlais Davies.

Bottle of Wine: Roy Scourfield; donated by Peter Barrett.

Bottle of Spirits: Sylvia Rossiter; donated by Peter Williams.

Bottle of Sherry: Katryn Duffy; donated by Mackie Evans.

Bottle of Whisky: Mike Godding; donated by Peter Spacey.

Bottle of Whisky: Lena and Des of St. Florence; donated by Colin Davies and Derek James.

Bottle Prize: Gareth Davies (GWR); donated by John Daye.

Bottle of Whisky: Gareth James (GWR); donated by D.P. Building Supplies.

Bottle of Rum: George Taverner Clunderwen; donated by Peter John.

Bottle of Spirits: Jan Bell; donated by Martin Lewis

Bottle of Whisky: Sam Morris; donated by Roy Eynon.

Mystery Prize: Gary Herriott; donated by Neil Rossiter.

Bottle of Brandy: Adam Williams; donated by John Morris.

Bottle of Spirits: Sarah Jennings; donated by Trevor Thomas.

Mystery Prize: Adam Williams; donated by Peter Morris.

Biscuits: Oliver Harris; donated by Gill Harries.

Bottle of Spirits: Rhys c/o Peter John; donated by Mike Richards.

Bottle of Gin: Bill Ridge; donated by Islwyn Howells.

Bottle of Mulled Wine: Wendy and Richard; donated by John Mathias.

Cheese Voucher: Peter John; donated by David Jennings.

£10 Voucher: Peter John; donated by Ann and John

Biscuits: Howard; donated by Dorian Howells.

Two coach seats to Cardiff for Six Nations game: Nigel Rossiter; donated by Clive Edwards Taf Valley Coaches.

Mystery Prize: Ken Jones, of Narberth; donated by Nigel Rossiter.

£25: Caerie Macintosh; donated by Hugh John.

Bottle of Whisky: Vanetia Dunbar; donated by Eric Jones.

Bottle of Wine: D. Adams; donated by Viv Edwards.

Bottle of Wine: Sue Phillips; donated by Kilgetty Post Office.

Bottles of Ale: Barbara Morris; donated by Phil Williams.

Bottle: George James; donated by John Merriman.

Bottle: Lloyd Evans; donated by Graham Francis.

Voucher: Bethan Brawn; donated by Gravells.

£20 Voucher: Roy Scourfield; donated by I DOS

Bottle of Wine: Glenys and Charlie; donated by John Evans.

Cider: Marion Davies; donated by Mark Hughes.

"Well done to all the winners, and a big thanks to all those who gave prizes; we could not of done without you" - Narberth RFC Supporters Club.