Due to the varied weather this year when we have often witnessed all four seasons in one week, it came as no surprise to the organisers of the Pembroke County Run for 2017, Jeff and Sian Edwards, for them to witness such appalling weather on the day, but in true tradition, the popular motoring event in aid of the Paul Sartori Foundation went ahead!

In this the 21st anniversary year of their Pembrokeshire County Motoring Events, the run, sponsored by the Western Telegraph, was a success for both the county and the Paul Sartori Foundation!

On their arrival at the Pembrokeshire County Showground at 7.30 am, Jeff, Sian and their small and dedicated team knew then that due to the high winds and rain the turnout would be much lower than normal, but by the time that Jeff sounded his starter’s whistle at 10.30 am, it was still a fantastic turnout and enjoyed by so many dedicated motorists and spectators along the 85-mile route!

Vehicles of all ages, along with their drivers/passengers, braved the elements to take part and there to welcome them to the starting line at the vast and wonderful Pembrokeshire County Showground (grateful thanks to the Pembrokeshire Agricultural Society for all their kindness and support) with a smile was Jeff, the Deputy Mayor of Haverfordwest, Sheriff of Haverfordwest, the chairman of Pembrokeshire County Council and representatives of the Paul Sartori Foundation, along with Sian and her team working non-stop in the Western Telegraph Control with a happy smile for everyone, and not forgetting the dedicated marshalls, who, despite being soaked to the skin, still had a true Pembrokeshire smile for everyone as they parked the exhibits as swiftly and safely as possible.

Those dedicated supporters of all Jeff and Sian’s Pembrokeshire County Motoring Events, Peter and Joyce Stock, were once more on hand to ensure that everyone was flying a Pembrokeshire and Welsh flag from their vehicle along the route, with around 300 vehicles proudly taking part on the day!

They crossed the start line under the guidance of the parade marshalls, Phil Thompson MBE and Noel Robinson, blowing their horns in return to the happy smiles and waves they received from Jeff, Sian and the Deputy Mayor of Haverfordwest, Clr. Sue Murray, Sheriff of Haverfordwest, Clr. Gillian Howell, and Chairman of Pembrokeshire County Council, Clr. Paul Harries.

Sadly the Mayor of Haverfordwest, Clr. Alan Buckfield, and the president of the Pembrokeshire Agricultural Society, Mr. Ricard Cole, were not able to attend, but wished everyone an enjoyable day.

Along the route the weather did improve and some of the soft-top vehicles were able to enjoy a little ‘open top’ motoring and the display at the halfway stop at the Dyfed Shire Horse Farm was spectacular as always.

Grateful thanks goes to the Cole family and the dedicated staff of the Dyfed Shire Horse Farm!

After a ‘drive thru’ around the streets of Cardigan, it was a case of heading down the A478 with its wonderful views of the Preseli Hills and the rolling countryside to Narberth, before making their way via the A40 to the finish line back at the Pembrokeshire County Showground, with the weather now much improved and it turning out a very pleasant afternoon, with more vehicles arriving back at the finish line than was expected, complete with the sound of laughter and so many happy smiling faces from everyone after a very enjoyable day!

Jeff and Sian were last to leave the showground and after closing Gate Three, they headed for home in their trusty Rover 216 Cabriolet, the ‘face’ and veteran of their motoring events, knowing that once again, despite the terrible weather and lower entry numbers, as normal the event was another success for the county and the Paul Sartori Foundation.

Plans will be starting very soon on arranging something special for the 2018 run, in its 21st anniversary year, on Sunday, September 2, 2018!