'It’s Way Out...' at Tenby's Cofion bookshop

By Paul Evans   |   Content editor   |
Monday 9th August 2021 12:51 pm
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Author George is pictured with Albie owner of Cofion books in Tenby.

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A new book taking a sideways look at all things Pembrokeshire, is now available at Tenby’s tucked away and much-loved bookshop Cofion.

‘It’s Way Out In The West!’ written by George Hill a native of Penally, and former pupil at Tenby’s Greenhill School, attempts to encapsulate the esoteric natures of the modern Pembrokeshire person and their framing ancient surrounds.

The book looks at the unusual economic, sociological and mystic elements that affect the county and have proved a stubborn, but not always unwelcome constant.

“It’s Way Out In The West represents my first attempt at a non academic work and hopefully reads more like a novel,” said George.

A nonlinear journey with disparate chapter themes somehow managing, like a ‘magic eye’ to come together as the reader progresses - ‘Its Way Out In The West!’ contains themes involving ancient magic and spirituality, corrupt Pembrokeshire councils, bizarre Pembrokeshire weather phenomena, lost pubs and nightclubs, local ghosts, alluring mermaids and modern smartphone online dating!

All these subjects and more in the book help join the dots and paint a cultural as well as a natural picture of the past and present county.

“I’m delighted the book is now available at Cofion bookshop in Tenby in Paperback format - it’s a limited run at a far better price than Amazon, and I’ve signed the Cofion copies so they’re worth less!” joked George.

“The book is so refreshing to read - it made me laugh and ponder. Should cause reaction in certain circles which is what a good book does!” said Albie Smosarski owner of Cofion books which is located on Tenby’s Bridge Street.


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