Responding to the Welsh government's call for everyone to play a part in the future of Wales’ health and social care services, Dr Hilary Williams, vice president for Wales, Royal College of Physicians said: 

“The NHS is a huge part of all our lives. Not just for those of us who work in healthcare, but for those receiving medical treatment or support for a chronic condition. Every single person in Wales will experience NHS care at some point, either for themself or a loved one. 

“We're pleased to see that the Welsh government will review the actions in A healthier Wales – this is something we've been calling for in the context of a post-Brexit, post-pandemic health system. This must be done through genuine coproduction with all parts of society. 

“We strongly agree with the minister that all parts of government and society can contribute to tackling health inequalities – and we'd welcome more details about how the Welsh government intends to deliver on this. Without a cross-government plan to reduce health inequalities, it's difficult to see how anything will change. 

“The NHS alone cannot tackle poverty. It cannot take responsibility for improving housing, air quality, transport links, rural and remote access to public services, education, or the economy.

'The NHS is there when you need us, no questions asked. But to be there for you, we need more staff on the ground, a clinically led and patient centred approach to designing services, and a cross-government plan led by the first minister that takes a life course approach to tackling inequalities.”