For a few moments, the drains and gutters in Pembroke Dock were finding it difficult to absorb the stream resulting from a very heavy downpour, including hail, on Thursday afternoon, November 9.

Although the drains had been recently cleared, high winds have been accelerating the fall of leaves from the town’s many trees, some of which have drifted towards the gratings as they are swept up by the flood - a temporary situation which has already righted itself.

Built on a gentle slope to the Cleddau, it seems that Pembroke Dock is generally able to cope with any amount of rain without flooding, which is just as well, as this part of Wales gets more than its fair share.

Some of the shops in Dimond Street use sandbags to stop the ingress of water during heavy rain, however, and since the Western Way area behind ASSA is built on reclaimed land, it is unsurprising that high tides sometimes spill over into the car park.