We have just received news that today sees the launch of TABBit, a ‘revolutionary’ new app that promises to simplify sharing costs like rent, utilities, dinners, and trips.

“TABBx Ltd, a pioneer in financial technology, is excited to launch TABBit, a revolutionary app that simplifies payment request sharing with friends and family in the UK,” the press release reads.

According to TABBx, the app’s slogan, “Get Paid. Pay back. Share.”, encapsulates TABBit's mission to make financial transactions among friends fast, simple, and secure. Boy-Anthony Kuhne, CEO of TABBit and a former VP at Mastercard, highlights the app’s uniqueness: “TABBit is not just about splitting bills or managing group expenses. It's about eliminating the hassle of exchanging bank details or installing multiple apps. Our app ensures secure transactions directly through users' banking apps, powered in a secure and safe way by Open Banking.”

TABBit's standout feature is its simplicity and security, the company states. Users can send payment requests without the need for recipients to share sensitive information or to download the same app. Payments are completed swiftly and securely through the users' own banking apps. Designed to work with a wide range of UK banks, TABBit offers an intuitive interface for sharing costs like rent, utilities, dinners, and trips. “Gone are the days of tedious financial chores. With TABBit, settling up is a breeze,” adds Kuhne.

TABBit is available for download now, ushering in a new era of financial interaction where sharing payments is as easy as sending a message on whatsapp or any other messaging platform. "Get Paid. Pay back. Share." – with TABBit, financial interactions among friends and family are redefined for simplicity, security, and speed.

TABBit is available in free or premium (£2.49 per month) versions, with the free version limited to five payment requests per month and up to ten payers and £500 per request. The premium version upgrades this to 10 payment requests, capped at £750 and 20 payers. Link expiry time is doubled from 7 days to 14 in premium mode.

To check TABBit out for yourself, visit www.tabbit.uk.