Vehicles travelling at ‘excessive’ speeds in the locality, continue to cause concern for residents and councillors of the East Williamston ward.

Work took place back in 2020 to improve road safety on the A478 at Pentlepoir between the junctions of Templebar Road and Station Road, with the Pembrokeshire County Council led scheme aiming to reduce speed and traffic congestion, as well as creating pedestrian improvements.

The traffic calming measures included the installation of mini-roundabouts, refuge islands, road marking and signage; whilst traffic congestion was addressed by replacing the A478’s existing Templebar Road and Station Road T-junctions with mini roundabouts.

However, despite the improvements, examples of vehicles travelling at dangerous speeds in and around the 30mph zone continue.

Discussing the matter at a recent meeting of the East Williamston Community Council, Clr. Charles Hopkinson told his fellow members that an accident had occurred on the roundabout outside his house due to excessive speed recently, along with ’a close shave’ on Templebar roundabout.

He said that speeding traffic travelling from Tenby towards Kilgetty was not slowing down, and he asked for the concerns to be reported to Pembrokeshire County Council.

A request was also made for raised surfaces to be located on the roads leading into the roundabouts to slow down traffic.

It was also reported that work on the footpath on Station Road had been held up possibly until April as the ecology officer has found dormice in the hedge.

Towards the end of last year, members of the Community Council discussed the option of purchasing a further ‘roving speed sign’ for the locality.

One such speed sign is currently located at Broadmoor, with a second one at the west end of Cold Inn, and a third at the east end of East Williamston.

Since the November meeting, councillors Jacob Williams and Doug McIntosh had been out and identified a location on Templebar Road, with a good line of sight, for one of the community council’s battery-operated flashing speed awareness devices to be located, and it was hoped a device could be put up in early 2022.