Pembrokeshire County Council invites professionals, experts, and new entrants in the aquaculture industry to the county’s first Aquaculture Conference.

Aquaculture, the practice of farming seafood, is a growth industry for Pembrokeshire.

The conference will share knowledge, discuss innovations, and explore the latest trends in sustainable aquaculture practices.

The event will be hosted at the Bridge Innovation Centre, Pembroke Dock, on Wednesday, February 28.

Throughout the day attendees will have the opportunity to engage with presentations and panel discussions led by industry experts on topics such as marine farming, marine conservation, industry innovations and much more. There will also be the chance to hear personal accounts from people working in the sector.

Donna Page, Pembrokeshire County Council’s Aquaculture Officer, said: “This conference aims to support the sector and raise awareness of the potential for aquaculture within Pembrokeshire and Wales as a whole while reaching out to a wider audience.

“We hope to attract people to come together, build and grow partnerships, and work towards having a collective voice for the industry going forwards.”

The conference offers a unique platform to learn, exchange ideas, and contribute to the growth of this industry in Pembrokeshire.