Tenby Friendship Club held a scavenger hunt in Augustus Place Hall, with ingenuity being the big thing. 

The scavenger hunt was held on Wednesday, July 19. Lots of small prizes were enjoyed by members who came up with the best idea to answer the questions.

Most folk had produced coins and notes for a picture of royalty, but Maureen produced an actual photo of her receiving her medals from the Queen. Again, lots produced credit/debit cards, but one member had a birthday card in her handbag and so won the prize. An “article of footwear” produced a gumboot from a cupboard. Blue eyes got the prize for something blue and a Union Jack flag won for its cross when most members had a cross on a necklace!

A lovely afternoon tea with cream scones was enjoyed.

Everything that was collected was put back into its original place! 

On the previous Wednesday, members were entertained beautifully by Mr Philip Okwedy and thoroughly enjoyed his talk. 

Next meeting will be on September 6. Have a great holiday with your grandchildren!