After the excitement and excesses of Christmas, it was a refreshing change to return to the calm serenity of the Bridge table. 

Sixteen members braved the cold and were pleasantly surprised to find the hall nice and warm (thanks to Alan for putting the heating on earlier).

As can be seen, there were large gaps in the scoring with Geoff and Paul V once again coming out on top with an impressive 72.22%, followed by Brenda and Alan on 63.19% and Paul B. and Stewart on 56.25%. There were no slams last Monday, but three pairs made slams on one of the boards without bidding them.

Some of the club’s regular players were missing, but they welcomed Julie and Mary and hope to see them again. New players are always welcome and if anyone needs a partner, Brenda (01834) 812132 will always do her best to match people up. 

Penally Bridge Club meets on Mondays at 1.15pm in the Village Hall at Penally, near Tenby. — JCG