Last year Llanteg Village celebrated the Queen’s Jubilee with a community picnic, live music and lots of family friendly games on Llanteglos Field, thanks to the generosity of Tony and Jane Baron of Llanteglos.  

After holding three virtual shows online during lockdown Llanteg also held its first Village Show in the Hall, very ably organised by Roy and Sue James of the Gardening Club, with lots of entries for a wide range of food and craft categories, .

So this year, after those successes, the organisers have decided to combine the best of both, with the field once again offered by Tony and Jane Baron.

Village Hall chairman Sam Lander, supported by the Village Hall Management Committee, is overseeing the arrangements for the Fun Day, while Roy and Sue are again organising the Summer Show.  This year the show will be held in marquees on Llanteglos Field alongside the Fun Day activities which will include a community picnic, community tug-of-war and - judging by last year - a highly competitive welly wanging competition!

There will be a raffle with proceeds going towards the ongoing Village Hall improvements.

Last year there were over 200 entries for the show and it is hoped to surpass this total with entries for produce, craft and art, including children’s categories. Hopefully, the weather will be kind but, if not, the Summer Show side of things may be forced to retreat to the Village Hall.  

Entries for the Summer Show are free, so see which classes suit you; there are lots to try, even if you are not a gardener or expert artist!

Closing date for entries is August 10 (scroll down for more details, classes, rules and contact email).

Llanteg Show table
Needlecraft at last year’s village show (Pic supplied)
Live music at Llanteg Jubilee Fun Day
Live music at Llanteg’s Jubilee Fun Day (Pic supplied)
Vegetable categories at last year’s Llanteg village show
Vegetable categories at last year’s village show (Pic supplied)

As with last year’s fun day, those who are able are asked to bring a cake for sharing.  Any uneaten cake will be delivered to those in the community who are unable to attend the event.

The Fun Day runs from 1-4pm, with the Show open from 2pm following judging.

Tug of War fun at Llanteg
Tug of War fun at Llanteg (Pic supplied)

Show Classes are as follows:

Section A - Cookery: 1. Six Welsh cakes; 2. Six fruit scones; 3. Six decorated small cakes; 4. Six shortbread biscuits; 5. A Bara Brith; 6. Any cookery creation with a royal theme and decorated by you; - Preserves and Honey: 7. Jar of honey; 8. Jar of jam; 9. Jar of lemon curd; 10. Jar of marmalade; 11. Jar of any chutney.

Section B - Art: 12. Landscape/seascape scene in any medium, maximum size A4; 13. Portrait of a person or animal etc in any medium, maximum size A4; - Craft: 14. Item of handmade clothing in any material; 15. Item of handmade decoration in any material; 16. Item made of driftwood; 17. Item of jewellery made from any material; 18. One piece wooden thumb stick of any height; 19. Wooden walking stick with a carved figure, any height; 20. Wood carving of any item. - Photography: 21. Photograph of any wildlife found in your garden or community area; 22. Photograph of a sea scene in Pembrokeshire.

Section C (Children aged 15 years and below) - Art (maximum size A4): 23. Child’s favourite toy in any medium (5 years and under); 24. An animal in any medium (5 years and under); 25. Child’s favourite toy in any medium (6-10 years); 26. An animal in any medium (6-10 years); 27. Beach scene in any medium (11-15 years); 28. An animal in any medium (11-15 years); - Craft: 29. Paint a pebble (5 years and under); 30. Paint a pebble (6-10 years); 31. Create a garden in a shoebox or similar size cardboard box(11-15 years); 32. Create a royal-themed hat from recycled materials (5 years and under); 33. Create a royal-themed hat from recycled materials (6-10 years); 34. Create a royal-themed hat from recycled materials (11-15 years); 35. Weird animal made of vegetables and/or fruit, and given a name (15 years and under).

Section D - Flowers: 36. Indoor flowering pot plant; 37. Three sunflower flower stems; 38. Mixed bunch of flowers; 39. Three hydrangea stems; 40. Three roses of any colour.

Section E - Floral Art: 41. Table centrepiece decoration using garden flowers; 42. Buttonhole using garden flowers; 43. Arrangement on a hat; 44. Miniature floral garden, royal theme (maximum space 30cm square).

Section F - Garden Produce: 45. Largest single vegetable such as pumpkin, onion, courgette, squash, etc; 46. Longest runner bean; 47. Four beans (any variety); 48. Five potatoes (any variety); 49. Three beetroot; 50. Two courgettes; 51. Two cucumbers; 52. Four tomatoes; 53. Four plus tomatoes on a vine; 54. Two butternut squash; 55. Four of any one of the following varieties: carrots, parsnips, onions, leeks, celery, peppers; 56. Two of any one of the following varieties: Lettuce, swedes, turnips, celeriac, cabbages; 57. Wonkiest shaped vegetable, any variety; 58. Four piece of fruit, e.g. apple, pear, plum; 59. Mixture of fruit and vegetables grown in your garden (two of each), maximum 12 items. Note: Any children’s entries in Section F will be judged separately.

  • All exhibits must be the property of the exhibitor, and all fruit, flowers and vegetables must have been grown on land owned or rented by the exhibitor. All exhibits in section B must be the exhibitors’ own work. 
  • All exhibits must be staged by 11am on the day of the show and not removed before 4pm. Judge’s decision is final. 
  • All exhibitors should complete an entry form, which must be submitted by Thursday, August 10. Email [email protected]
  • Any money raised will be donated to the charity of the show committee’s choice.
  • There will be a small prize for those placed first in the children’s section. 
  • There is no limit to the number of entries, and entries are not restricted to the Llanteg community.