Have you seen the sun set in West Wales; felt the draw of an island, out there on the horizon; wondered how the saint felt as he trod the hills you now walk?

“At the heart of the Christian faith is the incarnation and at the heart of the incarnation is love,” says David Gleed, of Llangwm, Pembrokeshire.

“People travel with Journeying for many reasons; our groups are small and there’s a family feel – community is so important, isn’t it? – and of course there’s the walking and places we go, but deeper than this, amid the fun, the laughter, the walking, the love of Jesus shines through. And that’s transformative.”

“Come with us in 2024 on a holiday-journey to enrich the soul, in the company of likeminded people… The Way lies before you.”

Holiday Journeys 2024

St Aidan’s Way, Co. Wexford, Ireland: April 28-May 3;

St David’s Way, Pembrokeshire, Wales: May 3-8;

Tenby & Caldey Island, Pembrokeshire: May 11-18;

St Cuthbert’s Way and Lindisfarne Highlights: June 21-28;

Isle of Man: July 11-18;

Late summer in Oxfordshire, England: September 13-15.

“We were sharing a journey and although we came from different places globally and spiritually, we became a community.”

Nikki, Journeying pilgrim

For further details about Journeying and their 2024 programme, email [email protected] or visit the Journeys page of the website: https://www.journeying.co.uk/journeys-2024

Journeying is an ecumenical Christian organisation, founded in 1988. We remain non-profit seeking. We offer a warm welcome to all.

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