Oasis One World Choir, a beacon of inclusivity and community integration, is delighted to announce an exquisite fusion of music, dance, and culinary delights Clunderwen Community Hall on Saturday, April 6.

The harmonious convergence of voices and cultures within Oasis One World Choir demonstrates the power of music to overcome linguistic and cultural barriers.

Oasis One World Choir
Oasis One World Choir (Pic supplied)

Yasmine Latkowski, a respected composer and performer with the choir, merges diverse cultural influences into her music, creating connections across screens and stages. Inspired by her dual heritage, she has produced acclaimed albums and scores for global platforms like the United Nations and BBC. Collaborating with Welsh artists, her upcoming project ‘Panedeni’ promises an exciting fusion of Welsh and Arabic music.

Supported by the Welsh Government Culture Grant Scheme, this event is made possible through a collaborative effort with Span Arts. Span Arts is dedicated to unifying communities through the arts and has long been recognised for its commitment to cultural exchange and community engagement, and their partnership with Oasis One World Choir underscores their shared vision of fostering inclusivity and understanding.

The upcoming event at Clunderwen Community Hall promises an afternoon of cultural enlightenment and celebration. Attendees are invited to join in a workshop from 3-5pm; an opportunity to connect with members of the choir. This interactive session will explore the musical traditions represented, providing a hands-on experience for participants of all ages and backgrounds.

Following the workshop, the stage will come alive with a captivating performance, from 5.30pm to 7pm, showcasing musical arrangements and choreography inspired by cultures from around the globe.

Members of Oasis One World Choir
Members of Oasis One World Choir (Pic supplied)

The festivities will culminate with a convivial communal feast, from 7pm to 8pm, offering attendees the opportunity to savour an array of culinary delights from various corners of the world. This shared culinary experience symbolises the bonds of friendship and solidarity that have blossomed throughout the day, as participants come together to break bread and revel in the richness of cultural diversity.

For more information about Jasmine Latkowski visit: www.yasminelatkowski.com / www.panedeni.com

Book your free ticket via the Span website: www.span-arts.org.uk.