Pembrokeshire author Jackie Burns is releasing Poppy And Noah's Playground Adventures - Castle In The Sky, a children's book, on Friday.

Join Poppy and Noah on a whimsical journey as their game of snakes and ladders transports them to a sky-high realm. Landing on the same square, they find themselves drawn to a dazzling castle that glistens with enchantment.

Crossing the magical glass drawbridge, they encounter two children their own age, and together, they embark on an extraordinary adventure. In the music room, the girls twirl with candlesticks, bewitched by instruments that play melodies on their own.

They listen to living books and befriend a gentle bookworm, finding care instead of danger. Meanwhile, the boys soar on the backs of mighty eagles, their spirits lifted with exhilaration.

However, their path takes a turn when they discover a neighbouring castle, where lives have been upended by the dark forces of evil.

Jackie Burns is a 59-year-old lady married with two children and a grandson. This is her second book about two children Poppy and Noah. The author lives in a small village near the sea and has been inspired by hearing the children playing in her local school playground. The author has a dog named Gwen who gives her ideas for her books as Gwen is adventurous. The author often takes her dog out for a walk when she is feeling frustrated as she is dyslexic. She always comes back and carries on working with renewed energy and clear vision. As a dyslexic person the author has to think in different ways of how to word her stories.

Poppy And Noah's Playground Adventures - Castle In The Sky, paperback ISBN: 9781035831050, ebook ISBN: 9781788789127, will be released on Friday, October 13, 2023.

For more information, visit Austin Macauley Publishers’ website.